Life is too short to sleep in…

…So today I woke up with the moon. It is the perfect time of year to be waking up around 5:30am because the dark of night is disappearing, but the sun is not yet blinding you while you drive; not to mention the temperature was PERFECT.

The crowd is always different at the gym in correlation to the time of day. It is safe to assume the 6am gym-goers have a typical 9-5 job…not me. Working the “night” shift (12-8) for almost a year now, has really given me some new habits, for the good but also for the bad. One of my biggest habits has been sleeping in. I am such a morning person, but knowing I can sleep until 9:30and still make it to work on time was a fabulous feeling; until I realized how lazy I was becoming. Last night I got a little kick in the rear-end wake-up call from my best friend; he must’ve known I needed it. So thanks to him, I got a fabulous workout in this morning and still had time to pick up the apartment and blow dry my hair. Those of you that know me well, know that the days I wash and blow dry my hair involves EXTRA prep time –hence why I only wash it twice a week.

As far as the crowd goes, I would have expected a less varied group, considering the time – students, middle aged adults, even older adults who probably are no longer working, all present, still getting up at the crack of dawn to better themselves! LOVE that.

I used to be afraid of the gym – not to go, or to work out, but because I hated the thought of people watching me or the possibility of me dropping a weight on my foot or falling flat on my face – I am not exactly known to be graceful, just ask B. (And no, my alliteration was not intentional, but I do love it!)

It turns out that others don’t care what you are doing at the gym, so they are not watching you. They are there to better themselves and no one else. And I have watched people make mistakes or trip, just as I have. The important part is that you get up (if you can) and finish the work out. I am learning the hard way – no one can make me go to the gym or make me eat clean and healthy – I have to make those decisions myself.  Brendan and I motivate each other as we are both working towards our fitness goals, but our choices are made only by ourselves and we are the only ones that our decisions are affecting!
Don’t waste your days on sleep, don’t waste them, period. Embrace every moment of every day that you can, to better yourself. Set goals and work towards them, and they don’t necessarily have to be fitness goals.  We all trip, we all fall and we all make fools of ourselves. What matters most is that you GET UP! At 5am or 8am, off of the floor, or just off of your butt! 

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