Something was missing…So I decided to go NAKED…

I needed something new for my daily routine when it came to “painting” my face. Okay, I don’t really paint it, nor do I pack on the make-up. For foundation, I use Bare Minerals which really helps to avoid the heavy, caked-on look or feel anyway. Typically, other than my foundation, I don’t add much more than mascara and if I’m feeling risky, some subtle eyeliner on my top lid.
With my birthday month steadily passing, I decided to treat myself to something new. I went into Sephora last week to pick up something I was out of and came home with Urban Decay’s NAKED original palette.
I have been using Urban Decay’s eyeliner for a few months now and I love it! They have a great selection of colors and the eyeliner goes a long way. I think it lasted me almost 6 months, which helps justify the cost, too. I was really excited after talking to one of the cosmetic consultants about the NAKED palette which I have also heard rave reviews about online and through word of mouth.
It should be obvious by now that I love this product, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it. The cost justification is this:  An individual eye shadow from Mac costs approximately $15, while Bare Escentuals prices their eye shadows around $7 each. The NAKED palette gives you TWELEVE eye shadows which breaks down to roughly $4 a piece. Plus, there is also a brush and primer included in your set.
Take my advice and GO NAKED! You won’t regret it…Here are some of my favorite combos of the shadows together (I never use just one color on my lids.)

Outer Corner
Inner Corner
Casual occasion, subtle at work
Half Baked/Toasted
Noticeable without being dramatic
Awesome Smokey Eye

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