Snowy Thursday Thoughts

I can’t stand the sight of unpainted nails, mostly on myself, but I couldn’t seem to find much time this week to sit, file, paint, wait to dry. Typically, I can sit still for 30 minutes after painting my nails, continue to be careful when touching things and still manage to smudge 3 fingers. This morning I was determined to get color on my nails because I had already gone yesterday paint-less PLUS I’ve been dying for a Valentine’s Day RED.
This little toy was my savior this morning. I did manage to make a minor smudge on one nail, but other than that, my red nails are kickin’! I found this gadget at CVS back a few months. It’s a nail polish remover pen – to use on your cuticles and surrounding nail areas if you spill over on polish a little with your at-home manicure.


After I managed to sit as still as a first grader in trouble on my bus ride into work, I spent only a few minutes touching up my sides with this and voila! This pen is worth the purchase, especially if you do a lot of your own manicures. I think it was around $6 and it has several replacement tops that come with it J
Happy Painting!


Just a side note, I have also mentioned my love for a deep blue and how I believe it is the “new red.” So, feeling full of Valentine’s day spirit, I threw on the blue suede shoes today. Something about a deep blue just feels romantic.


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