Hugs and more importantly, kisses!

Are you planning on kissing your Valentine this weekend?? Good! I have some new products to make those lips extra kissable.

One of my friends and I always complain about how our lips get dried out when using lipstick. Sometimes it makes them look and feel crackly and it doesn’t leave for a smooth finish you really try to achieve from colored lips. For Christmas she bought me two lifesaver products that have cured me from splits, cracks and dryness.

Let me introduce you to LUSH Lip Scrub and Lip Balm:


They both come in different scents/flavors, but I am sure they all do the job equally.  I have the Mint Julips for the scrub and Honey Trap for the balm and I love how they smell (and taste!) 🙂 Check out all of the options here.

The lip scrub is like a minor exfoliant, but for your lips.

LUSH’s HOW TO USE reads: Scrub and buff your lips to softness, lick off the excess the apply your favorite LUSH Lip Balm.

The lip balm isn’t super glossy or sticky, but just enough to smooth out your lips and prep them for your favorite lipstick. I swear by MAC lipstick – it is the only brand I buy; a little pricey, but lasts a long time (both on your lips and for its lifetime) and the colors never fail to bring a pop or a glam to your face or outfit.


Happy Kissing!

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