Happy National Running Day!

Attention all runners! Today is National Running Day so do it proud and go for a run! Doesn’t matter how short or how long, but do it! Since I am a total hypocrite and don’t have time for a run today (did a workout this morning before work and going to a yoga class tonight) I thought I would tell you a little bit about my running “story” and some of my favorites having to do with the sport!

I never really liked running until I thought I was “decent” at it. When I first started running consistently last summer, I was averaging a 12:30 minute mile – just call me the tortoise I thought. After several weeks of running about 3-4 times a week anywhere between 1 and 3 miles, I shaved a full minute off of my mile. I was amazed at how fast my time improved with the consistency. And since I started to feel “decent” at running, I started to enjoy it. I learned to zone out a little to my music and really clear my mind. I also started trying to to pick a route with a view so I could have some sort of reward to my run.

Since then I have completed a few 5Ks and last summer completed a 9K (5.5 miles) which was my longest run ever! My timing was pretty good for not totally training and I was just happy to have finished with no injuries and feeling great!

Favorite Route/Spot to Run
Definitely Back Bay, at least that I have discovered so far. My favorite route is to run down Marlborough, Comm Ave or Beacon Street and then turn right onto the Mass Ave bridge. If you follow me on Facebook (and if you don’t you should!) my cover photo is a photo I took on one of my runs to the Mass Ave bridge. It is the best view of the city skyline and a common running spot so it’s full of runners for motivation! It doesn’t hurt that this is a fairly flat terrain also!

Go-to Running Outfit
For cold weather, I prefer a thin, long sleeve shirt with full length yoga pant. I typically will add a light vest if it’s cool enough. For warm weather, yoga capris with a tank. The capris help common chaffing areas and the tank lets my arms and pits breathe! For both occasions, my favorite sports bra is a front zip style, specifically Victoria’s Secret Knockout Collection.

Favorite Running Shoe
My previous shoe was a pair of Nike’s which I recently had to retire after 2+ years of indoor and outdoor use. I just purchased a pair of New Balance ones that I am so excited to try out! I’ll let ya know!

Biggest Running Challenge
My biggest challenge I think was my 9K – it was scary trying my longest run ever without much training, but I overcame fear and did it! Race recap for The Run to Home Base 2014 here.

My Next Running Spot
The beach is my paradise – it doesn’t matter if it’s local or on a faraway island. There is no place I can relax more than on the beach. I have yet to run on the beach, but it is one of my summer bucket list items! I did a workout on the beach Memorial Day weekend it was no joke! The sand added some serious resistance!

Long Term Running Goals
Right now I am averaging a 10-11 minute mile. I would love to have a solid 10 minute mile for a 5K to finish around (or under) 30 mins. I am super close!! Also, very long term, I would love to run a half marathon. Not sure I will ever run a full 26.2 but I would love to accomplish half a marathon at some point.

Stay tuned on my running goals and stories and get out there today and give it your all!

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