Heating Things Up!

A few weeks back I finally got myself to a yoga class! I have been wanting to add it to my routine for quite some time now, but I was putting off finding a place and getting my butt there! When I finally got there, get this, it wasn’t just a yoga class (challenging alone) but it was in a 90 degree room. Yup.

Three weeks later and I can not get enough of hot yoga! Not only has yoga helped my physical body, but my mental state has totally improved as well. With my regular workout routine and a history of a weak back, I really wanted to get more (and proper) stretching consistent and I think yoga is exactly how I will continue to do so.

Yoga is taught to be a physical, mental and spiritual practice. The instructors promote the class to receive more than just the physical reward aspect from it. For me, I have noticed improvements in my balance and flexibility while also feeling more relaxed and focused for up to several days following my class.

When discussing the hot versus cold yoga, some say that hot yoga helps you burn more calories and warm the muscles up more to allow them to stretch further. I think I would enjoy it regardless, but I am really enjoying the studio I am currently attending classes at. One thing is for sure – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! The day of class I always drink extra water and I drink several more after class. Water is always great, but you will definitely need it after this class!

In case you need more of a reason to get to a yoga class, here are a few more added benefits: improved posture, strength building, better blood flow, increased self-esteem, enhanced focus and relaxtion, and encouragement towards a healthy lifestyle. Do you like the idea of at least one of the above? Good. What are you waiting for?!

And just a tip – if you’re going to do HOT yoga versus regular yoga, make sure you bring a towel. YOU WILL NEED IT!!

If you are in the Boston area and would like to try out yoga in general, or are looking for a new place, check out Health Yoga Life in Beacon Hill! I have taken classes with several instructors and have had a great (and varying) workout each time!

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