2016 Kickoff

For the last couple of weeks, I have been planning how to kick off 2016 the best way possible. I have always thought that if you start your year off on the right foot, it can set a great precedent for the entire year. Maybe it is just the thought that if we start our New Year’s resolutions full force (I prefer to call them yearly goals) that we will continue them until December 31st. As much as we all know that actively keeping up with our goals and resolutions don’t always last the entire year, I am here this week to share with you one of the ways I plan to focus on my goals all year.


What is it? Well technically it’s an eCourse, but Hot and Healthy Habits is going to help me (and a group of amazing women) learn and adapt healthy habits.

The point is that diets don’t make sense; they are the problem, not the solution and the average person can’t attain what a diet says it will give them. Two amazing women are now sharing their research on this topic with the world. Their goal is to promote healthy habits to live by for the rest of your life, not just right now. This movement (they prefer not to call it a program) is for everyone! Pregnant women, moms, marathoners, and all the average Sallys out there who want to be healthier, maybe lose a few pounds, but have a hard time staying consistent because, well, life!


What should you know? Rather, WHO you should know…
Amanda Adams and Ander Wilson are the creators of AA Bikini Body and now Hot and Healthy Habits. I discovered Amanda a few years back on Instagram. It wasn’t until last spring that I decided I wanted to learn more about her program. Don’t be turned off by the “Bikini Body” name; this isn’t a program you need to spend 3 hours in the gym every day and only eat green juices AKA NOT HAVE A LIFE! With AA Bikini Body, you are given 12 weeks of workouts, easy and healthy recipes, and ways to help you successfully achieve your goals. The best part about the program is the Facebook group. Once you are an AABB girl, you will be added to a private AABB group where you can share, ask, post as much as you want. It has really been an amazing community to be part of since joining.

Amanda and Ander promote a well-rounded lifestyle. In the fall of 2015 they announced they had something new for us and that 200 women would be their “beta” group for it. I waited several weeks and set my alarm early to register and landed one of the slots. After trial and error and lot of input from 200 women using this program, they decided to now release it to the public as an eCourse. Even though I feel like I already applied a lot of this to my life, I am so excited to take part of it and learn it in a different way and I plan to blog my way through this!

Amanda and Ander have really given me a sense of what being healthy actually means. It’s not necessary to spend 5 hours on Sunday nights prepping meals for the week that I will be sick of eating by Wednesday. Being healthy isn’t getting a 2 hour workout 6 days a week or feeling guilty for having dessert at a family party. Being healthy is have having healthy habits! Sleeping well, balancing food so you CAN enjoy that piece of cake and enjoying life in a healthy way no matter where you may be on your path.

I hope you follow this journey of mine. I will be using my blog as my accountability. But I hope even more that you at least give Amanda and Ander a follow on Instagram because they rock!!

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