Running Update on Global Running Day

Happy Hump Day followers!

Calling all runners! Get out there and share the love of running today with the world! Global Running Day is now part of a movement encouraging people to pledge to a run today to raise awareness for young people to incorporate running into their life in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

What it’s like to be a runner…
For the longest time I thought being a “runner” meant you had to run a certain amount of miles per week, participate in so many races, etc. etc. etc. After finally feeling a runner’s high between training and racing and long term reflections while running (my mind totally clears out while I am out there moving,) I saw the reality of all of it….you don’t have to qualify for anything, or as anything to consider yourself a runner! Go for a 5 min run or a 50 minute run and you can call yourself a runner; complete a 5K or complete a marathon – you. are. STILL. a. runner! I officially call myself runner regardless of if I am training for a race, how often I run and how confident (or not) I may be in my timing. No one, including myself, should feel intimidated by running regardless of where you are on the spectrum – and the same goes for any kind of exercise or part of life! Whatever you love to do, DO IT, even if what you love changes everyday. Be the best you can be at what you love on that day and pat yourself on the back for it. Nothing else matters…

Okay but seriously…get out there and run! Did you know running is considered a lifetime sport? Meaning, it is a sport the body can perform at any age! That is a huge reason why I think it is important to incorporate running into any routine even if it is just once a week or once a month. If running is something you can moderately keep as a habit now, you can be confident you’ll be running for many more years and decades!

Current Running Status: Training for a 10K
The furthest race I have ever completed was a 9K for The Run to Home Base back in summer of 2014. I recently had the urge to complete a full 10K so I signed up for the B.A.A. 10K at the end of June – 25 days and counting! With a rainy few weeks in April/May and being without a gym for a bit, my training had a few interruptions, but I am feeling determined to keep up my training for this race especially because I get to run alongside my best friend!

Shortly after my 10K this month I will be participating in The Run to Home Base again a few weeks later. This summer has me super motivated with my races that I am setting some bigger long term goals that I can’t wait to share! Stay tuned for results and training advice at the end of the month!

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