Running In The City

I have loved living in the city these past 4+ years, and by city, I am still referring to a smaller, less crowded, not as noisy part of Boston. We have a great mix of city life and suburbia – I can do several errands  on foot, but I also have a driveway and a backyard!

Anywho, being in the city, it has been hard to find a good running spot. And by “good,” I mean one where I am not constantly dodging other people (non-runners and runners) and constantly having to stop at intersections. I used to love running in Back Bay on my lunch break as there are several residential streets that you don’t find lots of people on, mostly just those who live there. All of these favorite roads of mine lead to the Mass Ave bridge with Boston touches Cambridge in the most beautiful way. Unfortunately, those days are in my past (for now.)

While training for my 10K this month, I have needed to up my mileage to 3+ miles at a time versus 1-3 so I was in desperate need of a new location that wasn’t filled with busy streets. I decided to hit up Google…

What I found was a total gem! Chestnut Hill Reservoir is ~ 1 mile from my apartment and I embarked on my first journey there last night! The reservoir itself is approximately 1.5 miles around a small pond. I have never felt so far from the city while still being in it!! I was so close with nature and not just because of the pond – I saw chipmunks running besides me! After 4 years in the city, I saw my first chipmunk. Pathetic?

The reservoir is not all paved road, but flat enough dirt for a decent run and it was filled with other runners, walkers and their families/pets so I definitely felt safe. The run there was pretty decent (mostly down hill) which made for a rough run back. I decided to walk fast until the drastic hill subsided and run as much as I could home capping at a 3.98 mile run.

Post run breakfast for dinner. 

Running almost always clears or refreshes my brain. I feel that even more so when I have some beautiful to look at. I also find it motivating to run with/near other runners – that must be why I enjoy races more than training for them!

Last week my family suffered a loss which caused some extra heavy emotions, little exercise and very little routine. I rolled with the punches and still fought through two workouts, but didn’t get any running in and I am still mentally and physically exhausted this week. Hoping for my new running spot to motivate me this week and get back on a schedule. T-12 days til B.A.A. 10K!

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