Harpoon’s Flannel Friday

Thanks to my husband being a Harpoon beer lover, we are updated on upcoming events at the brewery downtown. We most recently attended Flannel Friday Flicks in Seaport district. The event was to help promote Harpoon’s new fall beer flavor Flannel Fridays.

For $25 you received entry to a movie, two beers and popcorn. Although I am loving their new Flannel Friday beer, I was pleasantly surprised to see a few different flavors on the menu.


It had hit 90 degrees the afternoon prior to the movie so flannel wearing was limited to a tie around the waist and I rocked a Harpoon UFO.

Harpoon hosted the movie Friday Night Lights just in time for football season to kick off! I had seen the series, but never the movie. I am not only playing Fantasy Football this year for the first time, but I am was in a survivor league; so naturally – football is my new trend. My husband is happy about it and it is making the season, and Sundays a lot more entertaining for me! Here’s to winning some bucks at the end of the season!

And since this post is lacking some fluff, here’s a fun meme to get you through the day and the next week until Brady returns…


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