Pick a gym that motivates you

I can’t begin to tell you how many years I struggled with finding time for the gym. I was constantly going through 8-12 week programs that I would stop half way through because I couldn’t find time to get to the gym and 5am wake ups were KILLING.ME.SLOWLY. I used to tell myself, “the summer isn’t so bad, the sun is up at 5am so you should be up too!” Try telling yourself that while you’re still working 40+ hours a work, commuting via public transportation both ways and all other life shit in between. Oh…then try getting through the winter when it’s dark until 8am and again at 4pm and cold AF.

As much as I told myself I would get there after work, it never happened. I wanted my couch, my husband and my pup. end. of. story.

It wasn’t until I started my current job in May 2016 that I made some serious changes. My last gym membership was associated with my employment as we received a corporate rate and I’ll save a buck wherever possible! It was quite scary being without a gym membership for me. Even when I wasn’t going, I held it like a security blanket, which is so ridiculously dumb because your body alone is enough for a workout, screw the equipment..I DIGRESS…

I decided it may be time to pick a gym closest to the office, not my home as it could be easier on my schedule – boy was I right!


I joined the Equinox one block from my office and have been the most consistent at the gym in the last year than I have my entire life. As long as I pack my clothes the night before, I can wake up 15 minutes before I leave the house and have enough time to take care of Daisy’s routine, and head out the door for the bus. My bus stop is two blocks from Equinox and one more to the office so even on the days I’m running late from a class, I am no further than a 5 minute walk (or 3 minute sprint) :).

Choosing a gym convenient to my schedule has been life changing. I don’t ever have to think twice when I want to unless I’m too tired or sore to get out of bed for a workout. Although the hour I am at the gym in the morning is one of the busiest all day, it has also become SUPER motivating for me. Most everyone there is in there to get their shit done and get to work so no one is wasting time texting on a machine or taking up space that others could make better time with…end rant of things I hated about my last gym 🙂

Find out what works FOR YOU and your schedule. As soon as I stopped and realized the gym was exhausting me just to get there (regardless of my workout 🙂 the easier my routine became.

Disclosure: you do not have to join Equinox for your gym location and time window to be convenient. I simply found something close/convenient and went with it! Equinox has a hefty price tag, and for me it has been SO worth it.

xo Leish

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