Back to Basics with Budgeting

This Spring, my husband and I found out we would have to move in the fall. We anticipated this happening, but I didn’t imagine it would become reality this soon. We have been very lucky to live with family in the city for the last five years which allowed us to foster our marriage and grow up a little without having to stress about what real city rent is like! Even better, we have a driveway AND a backyard IN.THE.CITY.

As much as the small perks have been nice (i.e. always have a place to park and having grass for Daisy) living in an old house also has its tough pieces like a closet-sized bathroom and things that don’t always work. That being said, we’ve always made the best of where we live and have been so grateful for the opportunity we’ve been given.

The thought of moving is SCARY to me, for so many reasons. For starters, I am an obsessively organized person and the thought of throwing all my shit in boxes, having people throw them around and then trying to put them in a new place is hard to process.

Also, let’s be real. Moving costs money!! At the very least you need boxes, packing tape and probably a moving truck. After learning we need to move, my first thought was – we need to save every penny from now until the day we move! Newsflash – money is also SCARY.

I wanted to find a way to help me NOT stress over money. Day to day we all have a million things to worry about, so I’m always down to eliminate something off my stress list! My colleague shared with me that she read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book and has followed it for awhile now. It didn’t take her long to convince me to look into it.

I chose to listen to Dave’s plan via YouTube as I cleaned the house for a weekend. (PS his book is where to start but I chose to listen out of convenience.) Not only did his words and plan motivate the hell out of me, but they helped us get organized AF with our money! Every dollar has a job and every month we assign our money to be spent in specific ways.

Total Money Makeover helps you create an emergency plan, pay off debt and save towards whatever current goal you are working towards. I have to warn you, the first two “steps” will likely take you years, but if you’re young like me it’s motivating enough to want to get started NOW so you (in the words of Dave) “can live like no one else later.”

TIP! If you think you may get overwhelmed easily, try reading or listening to each of his steps individually, one at a time, and don’t read the next one until you complete the first as to not overwhelm yourself.

Happy Budgeting 🙂

xo Leish

PS I’ll show you next week how I plan out my cash spending for the month and some tips for budgeting. It has been SO helpful for us to stay on track!


  1. […] Life has been BUSY the last few months..year…some days I wonder when #adulting pauses…pretty sure never. This past year I’ve really learned a lot about myself and actually being an adult HA. The biggest thing I learned about myself was finances. Budgeting sounds scary and I also think it has a negative connotation when it shouldn’t necessarily. More thoughts on basic budgeting here… […]


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