Brows On Fleek

I really wouldn’t consider myself a makeup guru although if you’ve seen my recent Instagram post, you know I love Sephora, but I need to share with you the life changing makeup product I found last year.

Growing up I always had bushy eyebrows. I was allowed to start plucking at the end of 6th grade (only in between – thanks ma.) It wasn’t long before I was waxing every two weeks to keep up with the coarse, fast hair taking over my face.

Fast forward and thick brows are trending. My brows have really thinned out from all the years I put wax to them…womp womp…and I was really determined to start accenting them more with my daily routine. Back when a budget wasn’t prominent in my life (see Basics of Budgeting post), I walked into Sephora on a Saturday afternoon asking a lovely woman for a brow recommendation. I had tried pencils and felt like they never truly matched my hair color – my brows are much darker than the hair on my head.

I was suggested to buy Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade with it’s #12 Brush – A MUST IF YOU’RE BUYING THE POMADE! Together they are $36 – I kid you not, I bought this a year ago and still have not run out of the pomade. If we’re talking cost per use here…it’s a no brainer. I was told if the pomade dries at all to add a drop of argon oil to it. So if you’re wondering for a second use for the Moroccon Oil you use in hair, there it is girl.

I have never had so many compliments on my brows in my life! My biggest tip is is to BE PATIENT with the learning process of application. At first it added a few minutes to my daily makeup application routine until I got comfortable with how much product to use and how thick of a brow I was comfortable wearing. It was worth it! I feel so much more confident with the shape of my brows and the application is not a hassle at all!IMG_0774


  1. Thank you Leisha for the review of DIPBROW ! I guess we struggle at some point with the whole eyebrow thing !!!! I really enjoy all your ” lifeaccordingtoleish” postings . You definitely write with the reader in mind !! Good job !!💖


    • Using some makeup for your brows will totally help if you feel your brows don’t match – I know mine don’t! If you’re nervous to go too dramatic, start will a pencil then work your way to the pomade for a more dramatic look. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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