3 ways to wear that white blouse in your closet

When building a wardrobe, make sure you have a few staple items and don’t feel guilty about indulging on price with them because these will be items you wear often so the longer they last, the better. A few of these items should be…

  • Black dress pants
  • White blouse
  • Comfortable pumps – black or nude

Today, I’m here to share three ways to wear your staple white blouse that sits in your closet. It remains boring alone, but paired with the right bottom and accessories will have you getting great use out of it! When investing in your white blouse, make sure its comfortable, good material and easy to clean. If you’re wearing this baby once a week, you don’t want to need to dry clean it every time.

Business Casual (2 ways)


Pair with a patterned pant or colored skirt and accent the look
with jewelry that matches your bottom piece.

Weekend Wear


Throw this blouse with some jeans and heels and you’re ready for Saturday night!
Colored jeans work in this situation as well.
I always love using jewelry as my pop of color or accent piece.


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