Home Sweet Home

Happy New Year Followers! Hoping to make up for lost time, here’s a TLDR of the last 6 months:

House hunted all summer, barely hit the beach #worthit

Packing sucks, unpacking sucks more.

New crib has two floors so stairs have been my workout these days #gimmedatbooty

Trying to fit in life in between all that has been..interesting…

One of my top goals this year is to really focus more energy on this blog. I love writing and sharing everyday life hacks, girly things and everything in between on a budget. Before I do that, I’m writing to you millennial house hunters.

We just moved last month, a few weeks before Christmas, after several months of hell house shopping.

IMG_1799Daisy showing off in front of her new home…the wreath was our only Christmas
decoration this year because we moved two weeks before Christmas.

When we found out our landlord was selling the house we rented for five years, we knew it was an opportunity to get into the housing market. Okay that was our third thought..after “shit, what now?” and “no, I don’t want to leave/move.” Rent in Boston is hardly affordable and we knew we could probably own with a cheaper mortgage payment.

House hunting was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done and it was a real try at our patience and relationship. We looked for about 6 months, aggressively – not using that term lightly here, at all. May through September we spent E.V.E.R.Y weekend at open houses. We called Thursdays “New House Day” because that’s when the most listings populated and Fridays we strategized how to fit in as many open houses as possible for our weekends.

The roller coaster of emotions each week brought us was always one we expected but tried to forget. Thursdays and Fridays were hopeful, weekends were exciting, we would cut a deposit check (almost) every Monday and by Wednesday we were sulking in the couch with take out left thinking “what now?”

For all of you currently looking to buy a home – I F*CKING FEEL YOU! Sending you virtual hugs and encouraging you to stock up on ice cream. The market right now is absolutely insane where properties being listed higher than value are also being sold way over the listing price; it’s hard to even know what exactly your budget can be, for this and many other reasons.

My purpose of this post is to encourage anyone who is going through what I recently went through. I am so relieved to be on the other side of the process, but also totally understand what you’re going through! The best advice I can give is to remain hopeful and flexible. Don’t make your list of “musts” too long or you’ll never find what you’re looking for. Remember that you most likely won’t find your dream house if this is your first time buying, but that any home you buy, you will make your own.

We ended up purchasing a two bedroom condo that now has a never ending to-do list that we try to check off one thing each weekend whether big or small. It’s keeping life and our relationship exciting as we steer through this new path life has brought us. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to buy and know that the vigorous process was worth it. Funny enough, when we first started looking, this wasn’t where I pictured us. But now that we’re here, it feel so right. I am so excited to make new memories here. Wishing the rest of you the best of luck.

Stay tuned for decorating and organizing posts!

xoxo leish


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