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How is it almost February?

The last couple of years, I have tried making goals (some time) in January for the year. I thoughtfully reflect on the previous year and things I want to do more and less of. I really like to focus on these new ideas as goals, not resolutions.

Resolutions often call for drastic changes or a halt in something which I don’t believe to be very healthy. Goals feel easier to attain by easing into them either one at a time or a few at a time slowly. Each year I try to focus on different areas of my life and how I can focus more energy on them; work, hobbies, relationships, finances.

I wrote a list of many goals but my three most important ones for this year are:

Grow this blog
I really would love to be more active on here and Instagram to connect with and reach more people and have a fun outlet away from sometimes mundane day to day schedule. 🙂

Establish a nighttime routine
As I get older, I’m focusing more on my health and wellness and not just when it comes to moving my body and balancing what I eat. I’m realizing certain things need a little more love these days like my skin, my brain…So my goal with my nighttime routine is wash off my makeup (I should be doing this every night but I get lazy with it and regret it in the morning when a zit shows up), brushing my teeth, preparing for the next day (this ties into #3) and reading before bed, even if it’s only 10 minutes. I think this is my most attainable goal and so I’m going to work the hardest at it. Hoping to discover some new books and skincare products in the process that I can share with you also!



Stay organized to help prepare for stress
As for stress, it’s always been present in my life. This year shit got real and my typical butterflies before meetings or big events went haywire…more on that later. I have realized the more organized I am the better I can prepare and help prevent stress. It’s not always avoidable but I can help lessen it by being prepared.

My grandfather always says “Be Prepared” and I never knew how important that was until last year!

Hope to keep you posted on my journey achieving these goals for the year.

xoxo leish


  1. I love this! Yes interacting and being more present on social media is one of my goals too. It’s so easy to be lazy, time to put in some work!

    Good luck on your goals x

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  2. I love these goals! My night and morning routine are easily the most important for me – when they’re on, everything runs more smoothly. When they’re off, I can feel the difference instantly. Here’s to 2018!! xoxo

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