Why I Love Balayage / Local Salon Review

I’ve been getting balayage on my hair for a few years now and  I will never go back to doing regular foiling. Balayage has allowed for me to keep up with highlighting my hair with much lower maintenance and salon visits. With this trending technique, I’ve been able to color my hair only twice a year!

Balayage is a creative painting technique that doesn’t require foils, heat or constant salon appointments. It allows for natural looking sun kissed highlights building contrast and dimension without the harsh roots and grow up.


Working at the salon years ago, I remember seeing the stress in clients’ faces when I would ask “Would you like to book ahead for your next color?” Most would say yes, (because they had to keep up with ugly roots!) and then struggled to find a time for only 4-8 weeks from that date. If you’re sick of constant appointments and don’t want to ditch coloring, THIS.IS.FOR.YOU!

As much as I love seeing my stylist (shout out to my girl Kellyn!) it’s hard to find the time (and often money) to visit the salon so frequently.

So where can you get this service done? If you’re in the Boston area, you NEED to check out Bow and Arrow Collective in the North End. Co-owners Kellyn Anderson (hair stylist & educator) and Jill Miller (esthetician) are miracle workers for hair and skin and are the kindest people you will ever meet! I met Jill and Kellyn during my salon days and we have remained friends ever since. The entire B&A team is creative, passionate, kind and fun. They are a chemical free salon and are transparent about all goals and motives behind their techniques. For example, did you know you shouldn’t use product for 24-48 hours after a color to keep it safe from fading? Me either! Something I just learned this past weekend while I was in.


B&A books appointments online and is all over social media. So what are you waiting for?! Go give them a follow!

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