5 Packing Tips for MDW

Traveling is something I love to do and don’t get the opportunity to do it often enough. Over the last month I was lucky enough to visit three cities within four weeks. I’d like to stop and applaud myself for not getting sick during all of the run around and plane germs. Ahead of the long weekend, I’m here to give you some packing tips.

Let me start by saying, I am notorious for over packing – it’s something I’m quite proud of… In more recent years I have worked on mastering a carry on sized suitcase – it makes traveling easier because you don’t have to wait at baggage claim and you can save a few bucks ($50ish each way.) The max days I can use a carry on for is 4 days. If I’m going away for longer than that, I’m going bigger and paying to check.

Here are FIVE packing tips to help you survive late night packing for #MDW2018 and summer weekend trips:

1. Plan out your outfits, even accessories.

Start by checking the weather and referencing your itinerary. Are you going to be inside/outside most of the weekend? Is it going to rain? Pack accordingly.

I plan out 1-2 outfits a day and I try them on before I put them in my suitcase so I know it’s something I’ll actually wear.

I like to lay them out on the floor or bed as I accumulate outfits so it’s easier to see what I already have or might be missing.


2. Pack staple items so they can be worn with multiple outfits.

Once you have your outfits chosen for the weekend, start adding accessories and shoes. Pack items like a grey or white cardigan, versus pink – this allows you to only need ONE cardigan because it should go with almost every outfit should you need it. Same with shoes – keep it versatile.


for the record I wore most of this 🙂

3. Utilize small spaces.

ROLL EVERYTHING! If you haven’t rolled your clothes before, get real comfortable doing it. Roll all your clothes as tight and small as possible, with the exception of bras and underwear. I like to utilize things like shoes to stuff undies/bras in. Usually suitcases have at least one front flat compartment – USE IT. It’s the one spot you can’t roll but you could fit a couple T-shirt’s or a pair of pants laid flat.

4. Minimize toiletries, where possible.

I am queen of toiletries. No really, I have and use too many and so when it comes to packing it’s really hard to minimize. Do your best to take out anything unnecessary for 2-4 days. Can you use the same moisturizer for your face and body? Yes you can, it’s called sunscreen! If you’re going to the beach for the weekend, do you really need 4 bathing suits? Nope. Pack a solid black top with 2-3 patterned bottoms and no one will know the difference.

As someone who only washes their hair twice a week, I wash my hair the night before I go away ALWAYS. This allows for me to pack less product and styling tools and I don’t care if my hair is in a bun the last day.

5. Don’t be ridiculous.

If you’re only going away for 2 days, you don’t need more than 4 outfits, seriously. That allows for 1 day time and 1 night time outfit. Maybe you need ONE extra outfit in case you get your favorite lipstick on that white dress you brought for dinner. BE REALISTIC.



Don’t get me started on how to pack for a 7 day vaca…you’re on your own!

Hope everyone has a safe, fun and relaxing long weekend! Let summer commence!

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