Making Rainy Mondays Prettier

Happy Monday peeps! We haven’t seen the sunshine in a few days here in Boston and it doesn’t look like it’s returning today so my accessories have looked a little different the last few days.

I purchased a pair of Chelsea rain boots after unsuccessfully trying different tall ones. Hunter is all the rave these days but the tall ones did naht work for me and I wasn’t going to spend $130 on a short pair – I mean for what, really? With my short frame, I also have shorter legs so a lot of taller boots are often too tall for my calves because when I walk they bump the backs of knees – not only is this annoying but it irritates my skin!


These babies have been the best solution for me in the rain. The boots are waterproof, easy to clean and the elastics help keep my pants tucked in so the bottoms don’t get wet! I was also super proud of the sale I scored for this purchase – $35 instead of $65!


Need new rainy weather shoes? You can still buy these exact booties! And here are a few other similar cuties I found.


Sam Edelman   Sam Edelman2   DSW

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