FOUR Ways to a Kick Ass Monday

Mondays can be ROUGH. School is back in session, summer vacas and commutes are no more, and shit, we’re losing daylight quickly.

When I don’t start my Monday off feeling good, it carries into the rest of my week which usually means negating good habits and a sub-par mood making the week even harder to get through.


Here are FOUR ways to start your Monday / week off on a positive note:

  1. MOVE! My favorite way to move on a Monday morning is to sign up for a class that really makes me sweat and feel good. If I sign up for a class, I know I can’t hit snooze because there’s a one day cancellation fee! Other ways to move your body are taking a walk, doing some stretches on a yoga mat, literally anything! If you sweat, it’s extra points.
  2. Prep your breakfast & lunch Sunday night. Being organized and planning food to fuel you for the day will lessen stress and give you the energy to push through your Monday.
  3. Set your caffeine. I NEED coffee in the morning so I prep it at night. Full disclosure: my coffee machine has a timer option and I still have yet to figure out how to use that setting. I still fill the coffee and water at night so I just have to hit start before walking Daisy.
  4. Write. Sunday night or Monday morning is when I write my weekly to dos – both personal and work related. I also like to set a few achievable goals for the week.


What are a few things you to do to start your day or week off right? I want to know!

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