How I Wash My Hair Only Twice A Week

Hope you all survived Monday! If you know me at all, you know I hate washing my hair. Why? Because…time. Because…drying my hair makes me sweaty, red faced and burns out my arms like a Barre class. Because…I’d rather sleep in. Give me all the DIY braids, buns and updos, but drying my hair is my least favorite hair-tivity.

I’m here today to share with you my tips on how I only wash my hair twice a week – yup, that’s right! There are some weeks that cause for an exception, if I have an extra sweaty workout one day, a special occasion, etc.

My essentials for not washing often are shower cap, blow dryer, dry shampoo and teasing comb, and usually in that order.


Whenever I don’t plan to wash my hair (everyday) I tie my hair back and put on a shower cap for the shower. It’s inevitable that my roots need to be dried almost everyday, whether it’s from a little moisture in the shower or from a workout.

STEP ONE: Section your hair like you would for a normal blowout and use a brush to tame the roots from kinks, frizz and moisture. 

Fall in love with a dry shampoo. Seriously. Mine is Pret A Powder by Bumble & Bumble. I literally cannot live without this shit. Don’t be afraid of the price tag. I use dry shampoo 6/7 days a week and this lasts me 4-6 months and it DOES THE JOB.

STEP TWO: shake (or spray) dry shampoo on your roots and scrub through so you don’t see any white marks. With Pret A Powder – there is no such thing as too much, seriously. I love that I can use this several days in a row too.

Do you guys get that weird cowlick part in the back of your head? I get it especially when my hair isn’t clean. That’s where the teasing comb comes into play.

STEP THREE: Section the upper most part of your hair, take the brush and tease down toward the root. This will create a few flyaways but you can use the comb to gently lay it flat. Feel free to tease away, wherever and however much you’d like to create more volume and/or hide yo dirty hurr.

After blow drying my roots, adding dry shampoo and a little tease, I am usually good to go! Stay tuned for how I wear my hair up on dirty days too!


Check out my “Hair” highlights on Instagram for how I keep my hair looking good after a workout! Send me a DM if you need product or styling questions – here for you boo!

xoxo Leish

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